Growing up in Los Angeles, Vincent was exposed to art in movies, comics, and tattoos at an early age. After a teacher in middle school belittled art as a serious profession, he stopped taking drawing seriously and focused on other interests. During that time, the idea of tattooing always kept popping up. Fearing what his family might think or not even knowing where to start, he focused on a career in the movie industry instead.

He was introduced to different mediums of art while attending a school specializing in visual effects for games and movies. Although he was enjoying working in the industry, he didn't like how he was being treated and started feeling trapped. Like Kevin Bacon just wanting to dance in Footloose, Vincent wanted to break free and just dance..err tattoo. After a trip to London and meeting a tattooer that shared a similar path, he decided to take a chance and step into the world of tattooing. With the skills he picked up along the way (traditional art, digital art, sculpting, 3D sculpting), he hopes to use them to create tattoo designs in different mediums.

Getting tattooed can be an intimidating and stressful experience. Vincent hopes to create both a tattoo the client likes and a comfortable, friendly environment for the client to be in. Heck, you might event become friends and do karate in the garage.


 Vince Work