Shawn H/Black Mass

Black Ink

Tattooing professionally since 1992.
Fine Artist/Graphic Artist also known as “Black Mass/13lack Mass”.
Apprenticed under Kari Barba. Formerly of; Kari Barba’s Twilight Fantasy Tattoo, Riverside/Anaheim, Kari Barba’s Outer Limits Tattoo, Anaheim/Orange/Long Beach.
Former owner of Static Age Tattoo and Sk8, Omaha NE.

Specialties/Artistic Influences/Interests:
Pop/Graphic/Abstract Art, Hyperchromatic Portraiture (Vibrant Color), Bold Lines, High Contrast, Sacred Geometry, Occult Symbolism, Comic Book/‘Toons/Anime/Disney Art, Blackwork/Neo-Tribal, Bio-Mechanical, Oddball/Miscellaneous and Pop Culture, Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy.

Personal Interests:
Dogs, YouTube, Toys, Puppets, Video Games, Sour Candy, Dark Chocolate, Drive-In’s, Professional Wrestling, Red Bull, Music, Halloween/Christmas, Disneyland, Thai/Mexican Cuisine, Japan, Cryptozoology, Secret Societies, Occultism/Theology.


 Shawn H/Black Mass Work