Black Ink

“My tattoo career started in the early 90s. Working in many Los Angeles and Orange county shops. As well as 10 years working in Las Vegas. Being a fan of all styles of tattooing pulled me in many different directions. Learning single needle black and grey realism. To fat line color bomb graphic tattoos. As well as large Japanese Culture based tattoos that have very deep roots. Ultimately learning to be fluent in all disciplines of this beautiful medium. Understanding each client is a very unique soul and deserves a very unique and one-of-a-kind Tattoo. Doing each tattoo to flow with the curves of your body. Looking natural on you. As if you were born with it. Doing this it will become an extension of you. Tattooing a wide range of diverse clients. From celebrities to soccer moms, doctors to law enforcement. Always striving to give you the best.”


 Bumper's Work