about us

“ Black Raven Tattoo is the long awaited dream of veteran Artist Tiffany Garcia. As an artist with over 20 years in the industry she had decided it was about time to open her own and fill it with like minded individuals who also happen to have diverse styles to offer clients a wide range of specialties. Black Raven is also the very first licensed tattoo shop in the city of Torrance, seated in the heart of Old Town Torrance. We have created an environment that is welcoming to our diverse clientele, you will find kind and talented artists here waiting to accommodate you and make your artistic dreams come true.”

 Vegan Tattoos

“ We know Veganism is important to a lot of people, for that reason and our own personal love for animals we offer a full Vegan Tattoo option at no additional cost to you. Even though the Vegan options cost us a bit more, we care about providing you with the best tattoo that suits you for all lifestyle choices. From start to finish we carry Vegan soaps, Vegan Stencil Paper with no glycerine, Vegan Ink, Vegan stencil application gel, Vegan ointment with no lanolin, even our aftercare is Vegan. Be sure to ask your artist to use Vegan products on your visit with us.”